Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birds - Victoria Highway

The Double-barred Finch was helping himself to crumbs around the swimming pool in our motel in Kununurra. I had posted one earlier that I found in Willi-Creek but his head had been obscured. Both the pair of Corellas and the Masked Lapwing were at the Victoria River Roadhouse. Both images of the Rainbow Bee-Eater were at one of the many BBQ areas set aside as driver-fatigue areas along the Victoria Hwy. This one actually on the river. He was waiting in a tree immediately above the BBQ for our leftovers. But so was a Whistling Kite, which made the RBBE veeeery nervous.

So ... here is the Whistling Kite. He performed some wonderful aerobatics to obtain the food that fellow-travellers tossed out for him. Although not particularly successful in this endeavour, I feel sure he would have cleaned up dilligently upon our departure.


Pam said...

Beautiful photos Julie. So cold here in South Australia, wish I was where you are enjoying such fabulous birdlife, and great weather I would think!Have fun!

Indrani said...

Wow! Such lovely captures.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've seen eagles ... not managed to get a single one in my lens ... sigh.

Cold it might be in SA but not as cold as the mountains and wonderful travelling weather methinks. On our way back home now. ... another sigh.

Barbara Jean said...

Love the bird pictures. That first one is really cute!

Thanks for signing up to follow my blog.
Off to see more of yours.


barbara jean

lv2scpbk said...

Impressive bird shots. Beautiful blut sky as the back drop.

Roberto M. Alves said...

So beautiful pictures of birds.Thank you for sharing.