Friday, August 6, 2010

Argyle - Flora & Fauna - Thursday 24 June

Grant, the Triple J guide, really knew his river, and when he cut the engine, each time you knew that he had a treasure for you.

We stopped for some considerable time at this bat colony as his told us of their habits. There were a couple of hundred of them still hanging around readying themselves for their usual evening migration.Unfortunately, we have so many of them around the city of Sydney that we have become blase, I am afraid.

The first smaller image was the nest of a Whistling Kite. Quite big and looking very much like a teenager's bedroom. The second smaller image shows a crocodile - a freshie - with his mouth open because he has a teenie brain and it gets overheated very quickly and needs all the cooling breeze it can get.

This Cormorant, however, was very unteenager-ish. He worked like the dickens to get a fish out of the water and down his own gullet. He never quite managed it, and lost it back to the water, which is where we left him trying to get it up the bank again. I was quite chuffed to capture the fish mid-throw!

This pair of Sea Eagles had the most prominent eyrie along the entire river and Grant knew exactly which bend to slow down as we came around. Lucky I have such a powerful zoom.

The next two smaller shots show a crane waiting for fish to surface, and then a pelican perching in a tree, which I gather is most unusual. My guess is that he was up-to-here with crocodiles trying to get uber-friendly.

Now to the final shot which is, I am embarrassed to say, pretty poor technically. However, I have included it out of hubris rather than desperation. We were just heading into the sunset on the lower Ord. Across our bow flew a flock of what appeared to be black birds. However, this crook image convinces me that these were actually Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. I have never seen one of these before that alone photographed one. So, here it is for posterity!


Denise said...

Wonderful images, I even enjoyed the photo you are not too happy with. the color is so interesting and birds in flight are always a great draw. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.
An English Girl Rambles

Tracy said...

Looks really beautiful and I also love the colours in the last one!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Love the cormorant shot. I remember my boat trip on the Everglades (in Florida) with alligators popping up all over the place among the lily pads ... I've never been so bored in my life. This looks like a whole lot more fun.

Pelicans do perch up high, have you noticed that around seaside towns they have spikey things on the street lamps and stuff to stop them perching and pooping all over the place.

Julie said...

Ummm ... no ... but I will notice from here on out. I did not realise the Pelican's did the tree thing. Just thought they did the pole in water thing.

Anonymous said...

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