Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birds - Broome & Derby

Left: Straw-necked Ibis
Right: Masked Lapwing

Above: Red-capped Plover on Cable Beach

Left: Peaceful Doves
Right: Magpie Lark (aka Peewee)

A pair of Osprey had a nest in the lighthouse substructure on Gantheaume Point.

Left: Double-barred Finch (I think I got one later with a head)
Right: Australian Bustard (sorry about the focus but this was the one Bustard for the entire trip, from out the bus window!)

Above: Greater Bowerbird (I was so excited to see one of these but they became commonplace! There is another I will show you from the Durack Homestead.)

Left: Darter sunning itself
Right: Torresian Crow

Above: A Brahminy Kite - gorgeous bird!

Left: Whistling Kites flying over the Derby Abbattoir
Right: Brahminy Kite


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Stunning pictures, beautiful blog. Best regards. Travelling

Joan Elizabeth said...

Lovely lovely. I and always so excited to see new birds when I am travelling. I can sense your excitement too. The Whistling kites shot and Greater Bowerbird are my faves. That bowerbird looks a lot different from the kind we have here.

J Bar said...

Fantastic shots, Julie.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Julie said...

Joan, the Greater Bower Bird is similar to the female of the Satin Bower Bird. I was quite taken aback when our resident experts named him, but he was plentiful around food sites. Wait til I show you the triangle on the back of his head. Gorgeous.

altadenahiker said...

Your bowerbird has the same bring-it-on stance and look in his eye as our blue scrub jays.

Ann said...

Hmm comment didn't post here either. Blogger must have been playing up yesterday. Said something about thinking that bower bird was the female because I've seen the satin ones.

Julie said...

No, this is not a female Satin Bower Bird. I think it is the female of the Greater Bower Bird. I have a male to show you later.