Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Derby - Friday 18th June

The journey started in earnest as we chugged out of Broome towards Derby. We spent much of the middle of the day learning about the cultivation of pearls out at the Willi Creek Farm which is sort of midway between Broome and Derby.

Now this was not my favourite pastime: going to shops. I realise that tours have 'relationships' with retailers on their routes and that is where the tourist-dollar comes into play. However, we spent (!) 2 hours in Broome with Willi-Creek learning about the history of pearl diving, and now another 2 hours out here learning about pearl culturing. In both cases, the hit to the back-pocket was not resisted by many on our bus.

On the way we visited the Boab Prison Tree, the Myalls Cattle Trough and the Old Derby Gaol. Late in the afternoon, we walked the Derby jetty for my first experience of the Arafura Sea. We were given plenty of historical background for many of these locations, but it did seem a bit like ticking boxes - marking time.

We apent the night at the King Sound Resort which was acceptable but the lowest quality accommodation of the tour.


Ann said...

I really love what you've been able to do with your shots. Just hope I can live up to it when I head off Saturday week. Really hope the group and tour is flexible enough to allow me to get sunset shots, want to try for dawn as well if I can get up. Definitely taking the tripod this time.

Julie said...

Sunset shots were easy on my tour - everyone was interested. Sunrise was always by myself which was most welcome! I took my tripod but it cruelled my weight (16kg for the bus). I want to investigate lighter ones but mine only weights 1.2kg and there are not many large ones that are less. Don't want a gorilla - gave mine to my daughter.

I want one for the French evenings. Am getting myself a notebook with my tax refund! Yeehah!!

diane said...

I agree the two lots of pearling history was a bit overkill. Bill always wandered off say "information overload" but i enjoyed it. Nice shots as usual.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The fishermen are my pick. Could be anywhere but there something about the light and angle that pleases me.

Julie said...

Yeah, mine too. I think the pleasure starts with that curve. There were people sitting in chairs behind me on the pier with their eskies just watching the sunset. Very Australian.