Friday, July 16, 2010

Birds - Fitzroy Crossing to Bungles

A pair of oblivious Brolgas in Windjana Gorge.

A Willie Wagtail on the pathway out of Windjana Gorge.

A flock of Corellas chasing ...

... a Whistling Kite down Geike Gorge.

One of a large flock of Corellas in the trees along the campsite at Mary Creek.

Another Greater Bower Bird at Mary Creek. Also a male but his neckerchief is not obvious even in the shot where I can see it. Wait ...

A Peaceful Dove outside the Medical Centre in Halls Creek. I heard it long before I could see it.

Now I think - think - this is a Black Kite, aka a Forked-tail Kite. I think it is different from the earlier Whistling Kite although it wheels over townships in a similar manner.

Check out your books, but I think the fork in the tail AND those black splodges on the under of the wing seals it. For me anyways. NB. Immediately found proof that a Whistling Kite does not have a forked-tail. Have a good shot of a WK beside the
Victoria River.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh ah I love bird collections ... soaring on the thermals, such a mixture of power and grace in that type of bird.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful Australian birds. That was the first thing I noticed of Australia: the sounds of many unknown birds. Sounds I had never heard before. May be in Indonesia when I was a child, but I can't remember. Thanks for sharing.