Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bungle Bungles - Sun 20th June

So, up for an early departure from this wonderful accommodation. As I walked out onto the highway to take these photos a young Aboriginal man came loping along toward me. He smelled of beer but was pointing to his eyebrow wanting to know if he was cut. He sure was and I indicated that he needed at least one stitch. He loped off further along into the morning.

Our tour-guides knew some lovely little spots to stop for morning teas and a pleasant 'toilet experience'. This one was called Mary River an was half-way between Fitzroy Crossing and Hall's Creek. It had a number of 'aluminium road-blocks' already there but they did not spoil my enjoyment. As well as a roost of corellas there was another female Greater BB. Another birdie post tomorrow.

I have heard of Hall's Creek all my life - mainly for having unbelievably high temperatures. This was our luncheon stop. Isn't the Sturt Desert Pea an unbelievable colour? This had been planted in front of the Catholic Church. Now, the statue of the Aboriginal elder depicts one of the characters from the 1997 documentary we saw for the hour coming into Hall's Creek about three men who set out on foot to see who could be first across the Kimberleys. I could just as easily done without the entertainment, being happy just looking out the window for birds to photograph.

Above is the landscape as we negotiated the tortuous entry into Purnululu NP, the home of the Bungle Bungles. Although only 53 kms in length it takes a 4WD and 2.5 hours to drive. The outlook was increasingly breath-taking.

The accommodation at our camp site was in the process of being upgraded to 'tents' with ensuites. The first photo shows the mess hall. I quite enjoyed this accommodation. While not plush it at least gave some sense - not much really - but some sense of camping. It also made it easier for me to sneak out to watch the sunrise.


altadenahiker said...

Hmmm, I'd like one of those in my backyard.

(Thanks for taking us along.)

freefalling said...

Did someone try to use your tent door as a toilet?

Julie said...

I wondered what on earth you meant when I simply read the email. Now all I can do is guffaw. Dont think I even noticed that before!!!!!!!!! Trust you.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The desert peas are glorious. But I can't get over that red mountain of rock with sparse trees on it. I could look at that for ages.

diane said...

That is interesting to ear that they are upgrading them to have ensuites. It was extremely hot when we were there. Bill was not impressed at first but got used to it.The food left a bit to be desired reminded me of school camps. The scenery is magic.