Saturday, July 10, 2010

Broome - Wednesday 16 June

The tour group was not scheduled to get together until 6pm in the evening and, having arrived a day early to make life easier for myself, I embarked upon a massive meander from the resort to Cable Beach, along the beach maybe 1.5 kms, then through the sandhills and brush, through the streets and, being pooped, on a bus into town.

Broome, like Canberra and Perth, has so much space it just sprawls all over it. It is spread out and, dare I say it, a bit on the boring side. Luckily the bus choofs everywhere and not too infrequently. I was having trouble with my orientation and once in the town kept walking the wrong way.

Cable Beach and environs was lovely. Broome is a joint full of shops that want you to spend money. Same old, same old.

The final photograph is our lodging, the Sanctuary Resort. This was luxurious, the food good, but the eatery very wet each morning. The two images prior to last are deliberately juxtaposed.


Ann said...

Amzing beaches up there. I liked Broome, wish I had been there longer than a day. One small comment - watch your horizons, you have my tilt to one side problem. Need to try and remember to keep a check on it.

freefalling said...

That's a jellyfish, right?
Doesn't it look like the bottom of a bottle?

Even though I live in Australia - the far north seems so exotic and remote to me.

Julie said...

Did not realise about the horizon, Ann. Shall keep an eye ont.

Yep, a jelly fish pretending to be a coke bottle.

The far north was an eye-opener for me. So very fertile. I thought it might be like Coober Pedy or some such. Red and sandy. Nothing like it. And the mountain ranges. Just outstanding.

Bill said...

In the last picture, you are looking directly onto our first floor unit at Sanctuary Resort when we did the trip. It really was a fabulous trip.

Julie said...

Hah, how serendipitous is that! Yes, I agree - FABULOUS. I want to do Cape York next year, maybe Aug/Sept. The style of this company suits me down to the ground.