Friday, July 9, 2010

The route

The tour consisted of 13 nights, each party having to get themselves to Broome and then back home again from Darwin. The tour is also available in the other direction, but I am pleased that I did it in the direction that I did.

The itinerary was:
Broome - 2 nights
Derby - 1 night
Fitzroy Crossing - 1 night
Purnululu National Park - 2 nights
El Questro's Emma Gorge Resort - 2 nights
Kununurra - 1 night
Katherine - 1 night
Jabiru - 2 nights
Darwin - 1 night.

I tacked on another night at the beginning in Broome and another night at the end in Darwin. I was weary by Darwin and should remember just to go straight home next time. I remember thinking that I should tack on another night because I probably will never get to Darwin again.

I will include details of the accommmodation as we journey through. There were 2 big driving days - Fitzroy Crossing to Purnululu & Kununurra to Katherine. The distance travelled was 3,650kms, which is an average of 260kms per day.

The cost of the tour was:
Basic cost - $6,195
Single supplement - $1,405
Extra room in Broome - $280
Extra room in Darwin - $250
Helicopter flight - $205
Light plane flight - $150
Cost $8,485

Compare this with our upcoming trip to France where I have 18 nights accommodation and I reckon I can do it with a budget of $6,000 each. We don't have top-notch accommodation and no single-supplement and no guides that we have to pay salary for.

We had to buy our own drinks in the evening but that was easy for me: 1 glass of Cab/Merlot average about $9, totalling $135. Then there were the three t-shirts I bought, the two necklaces I bought and the baby's bracelet. But we won't go into detail on that - yet.


Ann said...

Is that the truck - very posh! You picked a good route, my trip up that way, even with the discomfort of a crowded truck and camping, was one of the best I've done in terms of the scenery.

Ann said...

ITs curved. Its the plane.

Julie said...

Yes the images are of the flight to Perth. The truck had very nice seats though. With fluffy supports and leg rests and plane type things. We had a video and they showed applicable documentaries on the long drive days.

The Tour Director was a font of knowledge which one could just soak up whilst looking out windows.

freefalling said...

You are getting me all excited about our trip now!
Sept we are off to WA - Perth to Exmouth and back(via Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef, the Pinnacles, etc).
We are going in this
We've never been in one before - should be interesting.

Julie said...

Just thought, I have not added the cost of the flights to the total. Shall go look that up tomorrow and adjust the totals.

Julie said...

That looks like a wonderful van. Just you and Vince going?

Outback Spirit have a trip that goes from Broome to Perth in either direction. That is tempting me too.

You might get ideas from them if you are not already fully planned.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The cost is a killer on these things. I am keen to go out to Lake Eyre while it is full. Looked at driving but it is a loooong way. Looked at flying and it is expensive. Back to thinking about it.