Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wyndham, El Questro - Tuesday 22nd June

So, we got ourselves back onto the Great Northern Hwy heading towards Wyndham. Mike and Barb have done this trip numerous times. They know where all the 'toilet experiences' are (good and bad). They know where all the good sandwich shops are. They ring ahead (sometimes up to two days), and place our order for lunch. They like to support nice people and good enterprises. Indigenous if at all possible. This was one such. Only been going a couple of years, but well run, clean, well patronised. And good sambos with lots of filling. And, as Barb chirruped 'a VAE - value added extra'. Out the back of Doon Doon is a wildlife refuge. Just as we were about to depart, this little bundle of joy bounced on board. Mariejke had been out here from Holland for about 20 years and the refuge is her baby. Certainly, a VAE!

So, sated, we choofed off to Wyndham and the 'Five Rivers Lookout'. Not a lot to Wyndham, a big hospital, a wharf for the export of live cattle. Many towns up here are 60% indigenous. Much of the NW coast has mega tides, like up to 11 metres. That's big, hey. So sometimes, at Wyndham and Derby, they have to take the stuff to be exported out to 'platforms' because there is no water at the dock!

So, what are the 5 rivers: King, Pentecost, Durack, Forrest and Ord. They all pour into the Cambridge Gulf. Can you imagine the quantity of water choofing our here during the Wet Season. My guess is that would be measured in 'Sydney Harbours' per nano-second. From this marker, Alice is 1075 kms, Darwin is 462 kms and Perth is 2160kms. As you can see, salt is a problem.

After yet another mind-expanding vista of this wonderfully varied country, we headed back down the Great Northern the way we came, turned onto the Gibb River Road and drove into an upmarket oasis for the next two nights. Not exactly moi, I feel self-conscious in places like this. But it was noice. I had a wonderful green bean salad, and a very smooth cab/merlot that was still only $9. By this stage, I had been without phone access for 6 days.


diane said...

Noice pichers too. It wasn't that upmarket although for in that remote area it was pretty swish.I never noticed the cattle yards when I was there.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I am back doing a catch up here but it might take me a day or two to get through it all. I've found Mr Telstra very reliable with coverage, only 2 days without it thus far whereas hubbies Voda has been out since day 1. I don't care about the phone, I only care about the Internet.

I find lonely outback towns almost as intimidating as upmarket ... it's the 'not my normal space' thing but after a day or so I find it get more used to it.

Julie said...

Yes, my Optus was cacktus as well.