Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bungles - Echidna Chasm - Monday 21st June

This walk caused me more concern than the one into Cathedral Gorge, but maybe I was just getting tired by then. It was quite narrow and precipitous in spots, but we all helped each other.

The beauty is quite extreme, and accosts one at every turn. Imagine looking up and seeing palms silhouetted against the red of the rock. Or the moon contrasted with the blue and the red. Just magical.

As we came out of the chasm, we turned to our right and hiked up a rise for a view over the valley. Such a vision of green. Reminds me a bit of Wilpena Pound in SA with its rocky surround and rich looking valley floor. This is where we found the yellow Grevillea.

I bookend this final post about the Bungles with a similar shot to what I start with. The BBs is an Australian treasure. I have walked around Uluru. I have tramped through Kata Juta. But neither of them can top the scenery in Purnululu. Nor can Kakadu or Arnhem Land. But we will come to them. Lovely in their own way, but this is spell binding.


Indrani said...

Thank you so much for this virtual trek. Truly wonderful sights all around.

Julie said...

My pleasurem Indrani. It pleases me that you continue to read. The trip had a big impact on me, as you can understand from the text.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This is stunning scenery. The photos seem to capture that "best yet" mood.

Ann said...

Really like the composition of the top shot. This walk looks like the one where there was a massive boulder in the middle of the narrow track between the rock walls and they had to push and pull me over it because my legs were too short to reach the foothold. But I did make it. Had been trying to remember where that was but this all looks very familiar.